About us

Medialaw Abogados, SLP, is a law firm focused in Spain, but with a global mission and vision. We hold more than ten years of experience in Corporate, media & iLaw and, in general, in business, technology and digital law. Medialaw is the result of the combination of the best knowledge of law together with a new approach to cases, specialized in tech and digital business, applying cutting edge and avant-garde technology to these services to offer our clients the best legal and technological solutions possible.

¿What is media & iLaw?

Media & iLaw encompasses all services related to corporate, media, telecommunications, IP/IT, privacy, cybersecurity and a wide range of services and solutions aiming the protection and care of immaterial and intangible assets, such as information, technology, intelligence artificial, innovation or technological hardware and software.

MediaLaw offers appropriate and tailored solutions for each challenge or business, which are unique. We address clients and cases as a strategic legal partner, which offers services and legal solutions adapted to the corporate world of today. MediaLaw is that partner that knows how to offer its clients what they need at any given moment, generating added value. Identifying what is our contribution to secure your investments and protect your business, particularly with respect to digitally based companies or in the process of digitalization, as well as start-ups, is our main goal.

We believe that providing quality legal services, excellence and rigour is not incompatible with being an innovative and cutting-edge firm, and that is why we offer a robust but flexible advice, where everything is new and better, from the way in which we address the cases; how we organize the work and the teams; the way in which we calculate the fees or our style of leadership, attraction, management and retention of talent.

Principles and values

The new generations, the so-called “more prepared generations of the history of Spanish democracy”, have reached the labour market with new ways of doing things, new processes, a lot of preparation and, above all, new principles and values. Doing things well and professionally, based on excellence, is not enough; we also want to contribute adding value to society, in a more modern, fairer and more equitable world. As part of this new generation, at MediaLaw we are committed to principles and values ​​such as:

Freedom & independence

Ethics & morality

Family reconciliation



Effectiveness & efficiency




As a firm that that advocates for innovation and vanguardism, we also want to turn upside down the market of legal services by changing the fees. Following the new trends and forecasts of experts in the field, as pointed out by Richard Susskind, in “Tomorrow’s Lawyers”, hour-based billing is obsolete and on the way to its demise.

Therefore, and because we believe that there are fairer and more balanced formulae for both parties, we have designed a system of fees, adjusted, fair, scalable and adapted to the needs and budgets of each client that reduces the fees by more than fifty percent traditional fees and, thus, generates satisfaction and predictability to our customers perceiving that they pay for what they receive.

Corporate social responsability

We strongly support innovation, creation, talent, the development of new technologies and new business models but, at the same time, we defend human beings’ values such as the need that new technologies do not undermine those values, reflection on the use of new technologies and the morality of business, the eradication of hunger, the lack of education and means at a global level, the fight against child exploitation or any other exploitation.

In this sense, we also provide pro-bono professional services, because we believe that not only large corporations have the right to receive quality legal assistance, but it is a right that developed societies must protect and maintain. As such, we are part of the list of Pro-Bono at the Bar Association of Madrid and we collaborate with several NGOs in the areas of our expertise.

Founder Partner at MediaLaw Abogados

Miguel Ortego Ruiz

Founder Partner at MediaLaw Abogados